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About KU Realty - The Power of KU Realty

As I worked on developing my new company, KU Realty, people advising me asked me to pay special attention to the meaning of the word Ku. I am sure that many of you are wondering…how does Ku fit into Ku Realty.

The word Ku, as with many Hawaiian words, does not have one single, specific meaning as is common in the English language. Rather it is a concept best understood in the overall context of the culture from which it sprang.

In ancient Hawaii the land defined the people. The ruling class (Alii) defined the land and the people were its caretakers. Ku pertains to this chiefly defining of the land. Ku refers to the ability to have clear vision to make and direct good decisions for all involved. Ku is expected to act in a good and fair manner, exhibiting direct, firm leadership. Ku signifies the authoritative energy of life. The chief was expected to govern well and to possess the compassionate qualities of diplomacy, fair governance, strong management, and balance for the benefit of the land and people.

All of these ideas are the aspiration and inspiration of KU Realty.

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