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Bad Traffic in Honolulu?

Bad Traffic in Honolulu?

nanakuli from the water

It seems the further one gets outside of the core of Honolulu, the worst the traffic gets. A recent report on Honolulu’s traffic confirms that this is the case.

“Forty hours sounds like a typical workweek. But that’s how long motorists are stuck in traffic each week where Moanalua Freeway’s eastbound lanes meet the H-1 freeway from the airport.

That logjam contributes to Honolulu’s rating as the worst U.S. city for rush-hour slowdowns, according to a private survey released by a Seattle firm.”

As sad as I am to say, “I told you so”, this is more evidence that traffic will continue impact your quality of life. Given this confirmation, I believe you will see real estate values in core Honolulu do better than outlying areas. So if possible, buy between Nuuanu and Hawaii Kai.

Today’s picture was taken from the starting line of a canoe race and it is looking back at the beach in Nanakuli.

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