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  • In Hawaii, You May Want To Buy Existing Rather Than Build!

In Hawaii, You May Want To Buy Existing Rather Than Build!

waimanalo beach bellows lanikai

I have great respect for anyone who attempts to build a home or develop real estate in Hawaii. The list of projects that have been approved and then strung out endlessly via the courts is very, very long. Yesterday’s Honolulu newspapers had separate articles concerning a project on Kauai and one here in Nuuanu. Both had received approval to move forward and then a fight ensued.

“Perry halted the work on the home, on an oceanfront parcel once owned by movie star Sylvester Stallone, saying that any work done on the property would violate state laws of grave desecration.

However, the owner of the property, Joseph Brescia, had clearance from nearly a half-dozen state and county agencies, including the Burial Council of Kauai and Niihau, the state Historic Preservation Division, the Kauai Planning Department and others.”

“The idea to build on the hillside was first proposed in 2004, by the property’s previous owner.

Shin received tentative approval for his subdivision application in May 2006, and last month the city approved his construction plan and issued him a grading permit, giving him clearance to move forward with clearing the land and putting in infrastructure improvements, such as roads, drainage systems and sewer, water and other utility lines.”

In the case of Kauai, I am not for building on burial grounds, but the owner of the property had met the necessary guidelines to build and the County approved his project. Given the fact that he cleared the necessary hurdles, he should be allowed to build.

When developers are put through extended battles we all pay. First, should the developer ultimately finish the project, the additional costs associated with being drawn out will be added to the cost, thus we pay for it. Second, if those fighting the development win, our supply of existing homes does not grow and this limits the supply of available homes. If supply is limited, you and I pay more for the homes that are available for sale.

With all of the risk associated with developing, I think you are better off buying existing homes. If you don’t like an aspect of the house you buy, then remodel it. In the long run you may have less stress and save money and time.


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Today’s picture is looking down Waimanalo Beach toward Bellow’s and Lanikai.

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