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  • Colorful Honolulu House

Colorful Honolulu House

colorful honolulu home

Color, color, color and more color! Color is in, in Honolulu! This home is full of color and it makes me proud to be an American because it shows our freedoms at work. There are parts of the world where a committee might visit this home for being out of the ordinary or approved color palette. Yet in most American communities, accept those like Mililani, you or I can paint our home whatever color our mind may dream.

Now for the practical view, when selling a home (this one is not listed for sale) it is a good idea to be sure the paint is fresh and clean. I recommend picking hues that are consistent with the neighborhood and that are considered up-to-date for an area. If a home with similar colors were for sale, it could cost the owner $5,000 to $15,000 in price or a credit back to a buyer, as most buyers will want to change the color of the home.

Though it makes it easy to find the home, the curb appeal of the home may be damaged. Rather than pulling someone into the home wanting to see more of a good thing, the wrong color sets the expectation that there may be other odd things to come. When buyer enters a home looking for weird stuff, rather than looking for features that will make the house a home a seller can lose money. Here’s the rub.

If you are a seller plan your sale, so that the things that you have done for your enjoyment don’t end up costing you money when you go to the market.

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