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  • Honolulu Real Estate and Military Housing Master Page

Honolulu Real Estate and Military Housing Master Page
Housing Around Hickam Air Force Base Honolulu
This post is for military folks that are PCS'ing to Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you are planning on living off base then this post should help you understand the neighborhoods that are in close proximity to Hickam. More...
Should Military Buy Or Rent When PCS'ing to Oahu?
Having had the chance to sell homes for many veterans that purchased while stationed here, I can tell you that a Honolulu home or condo turned out to be one of their best investments. More...
VA Loan Amounts For Honolulu Real Estate Rise!
As of January 1, 2009, the maximum VA loan amount for a house or condo on Oahu is $783,750. This is up from $625,500! If you are active duty military or a veteran, this is a terrific tool for buying Honolulu real estate. More...
Shift To Guam Good For Hawaii
Oahu's strategic location has helped it to be one of America's key military locations in the world. More...
Honolulu Should Be Thankful For the Military!
Mark Bratton, of the commercial real estate company Colliers Monroe and Freidlander, has a terrific blog post full of numbers that confirm the role the military plays as an economic engine in Hawaii. More...
Military May Help Personnel Move From Honolulu
Margaret Woda, of Long and Foster in Maryland, had an excellent post concerning the military Home Owner Assistance Program (HAP). More...
Military Moving To Honolulu? Here Are A Few Helpful Web Links
If you are moving to any of Honolulu's military bases, these links could be helpful with getting organized and planning. More...
Stryker Brigades Mean More Construction in Honolulu!
Jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs. An economy thrives on them. We are fortunate to have Hickam Air force Base, Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Kaneohe Marine Base, Fort Shafter Army Base and Scholfield Barracks. More...
Home Tax Credit Rules Honolulu Buyers
The Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit has been extended through the end of April 2010. As you can imagine there are a great many rules and conditions to consider when using it to complete your purchase. Here are some helpful links. More...
VA Loan Limits Change For Honolulu and Hawaii
VA loan amounts went down for Hawaii. Depending on the part of Oahu that you are looking in for a house, you may find that the new amount will be just fine or it could mean you will have to settle for a condo. More...
Key Information On Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP)
For members of the U.S. military who are transferring from Oahu to their next PCS the Federal Governments Homeowners Assistance Program may be a good way to help minimize your loss on real estate you may have purchased. Helpful links. More...
Military PCS Great For Honolulu Real Estate
Most military families PCS orders are for a term of 3 years. The honorable people that serve provide a terrific buyer pool for Oahu real estate. The ongoing long-term military presence in Hawaii is one of the main reasons I am very bullish on our real estate values. Here is why. More...
Re-sale Should Be Part Of Purchase Plan
For any buyers, especially military buyer's PCS'ing to an Oahu military base, it is very important to consider how salable a property will be when it is time to sell. Here are the nine things that will make it easier for you to sell when you leave Hawaii. More...
Better To Buy In Honolulu Than To Rent!
If you are going to live in Honolulu for less than 2 years, in any real estate market, I have always believed you are better off renting than buying. A recent Wall Street Journal article, confirmed that recent drops in values and interest rates have made owning more beneficial than renting. More...
A Beautiful Place To Live! But The Traffic!
The local blog "Aloha Update" has an excellent post on the traffic one faces when commuting from the windward side. More...
Selecting Your Honolulu Home
If you are not from Oahu and you are in the process of transferring to Honolulu as part of your military PCS or company transfer, it is important to select the right home. Here are 5-macro considerations about Honolulu real estate. More...
A Plan for Military Transferees Moving Honolulu
If you are in the military and your orders have you moving to Honolulu, here is an 8 step plan to help you make your move smooth and easy. More...
BAH-Basic Allowance For Military Housing On Oahu
BAH amounts for military housing on Oahu are much higher than the mainland. You may be surprised how much is available for your off base housing. More...
Military Moving To Honolulu-Things To Know!
If you are in the military and your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is one of Oahu's seven active military bases, then you may want to read the following 16 things to know. More...

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