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  • Schools and why the matter to values in Honolulu!

Schools and why the matter to values in Honolulu!

My children attend a private school, as do the children of almost anyone on Oahu that has the ability to pay for private education. Oahu’s public schools can rank in the lowest ranges in the Nation and our private schools are among the best. You maybe thinking, “Why is this real estate blogger talking about the schooling of children?” And I will answer your question with another question. Where are the majority of Oahu’s private schools, good public schools and higher education institutions? I am sure you have already guessed that they are in core Honolulu!

The fact that there are so many good schools in this area is another reason that Wailupe Elementary SchoolI see long term values in Honolulu outperforming any other location on the island. As far as I know, none of the major or minor private schools (Punahou, Kamehameha or Iolani) have any plans to move their campuses from their current in town locations. This means that you have a significant number of people who are traveling to this core area every single school day. Many already live in the area and many others are fighting the traffic each morning and evening to get their kids to school. Many children start at private schools in kindergarten, meaning Mom and Dad can spend up to 13 years driving to and from school at least twice a day (wait until the children start playing sports and doing other after school activities). Add another child to the equation and you begin to understand that the driving can go on and on and on. With nearly 20 private schools, 4 Universities and community colleges, it becomes easy to see that this creates another reason for strong demand for real estate in core Honolulu.

Aina Haina Elementary SchoolThe final educational motivational factor is that most of the good public schools on Oahu are located in core Honolulu too (Mae Mae Elementary, Noelani Elementary, Waialae Elementary, Wailupe Elementary, Niu Valley Elementary, Kalani High School and Kaiser High School)! The easiest way to avoid the $16,000 per year for private school is to move into one of these school districts.
If you can’t do that there is the very competitive district exemption available for the lucky few. Saving $16,000 per year is powerful motivation to move into an acceptable public school district!

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