Charming Manoa Cottage

If you love Manoa, you will love this cottage. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Most important it has had a major remodel and combines the best of Honolulu’s classic vintage homes with the updated amenities you expect. At $849,000, this is a very good buy.

Aina Haina Beauty

Begin with 8,616 square feet of land and then add three separate units! The property includes a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house, an attached 1 bedroom 1 bathroom and a very efficient studio with a full bathroom.

Don’t Assume Your Insurance Will Cover Your Loss!

Great article at the Wallstreet Journal talks about the impact of language in your Homeowners insurance policy.

“Home-insurance policies are pretty much the same, and carriers compete on the basis of price and service—right? Believe those two myths and you might wind up paying dearly.”

Based on this article, it may be prudent to have your home insurance policy reviewed by your attorney.

The Scrooge That Taxed Christmas!

One of my favorite morning radio programs is hosted by a comedian. When he proposed the headline that leads this blog, I laughed out-loud, listened and giggled much more. Once I gained my senses, I didn’t think it was possible, but a Google search confirmed that it was not joke.

“One of Christmas’ most recognizable symbols apparently needs a PR campaign — and a new tax to pay for it. The administration has imposed a 25-cent tax on Christmas trees in order to pay for a new board tasked with promoting the Christmas tree industry.”

To be fair, the purpose of the 25 cent tax is to set up a “Christmas Tree Promotion Board”, but let’s be honest do the Christmas tree growers really need the Government doing this for them? Secondly, if the Christmas tree growers wanted a “Christmas Tree Promotion Board” why not just set one up (in America they are free to do so)? Thirdly, this is evidence that the current presidential administration just doesn’t get it. I can’t wait to vote in 2011.

Good News! Evidence Of Possible National Market Bottom!

The Wall Street Journal reported a statistic that might be pointing to a bottom in the national real estate market. Here is what they had to say.

“The nation’s homeownership rate ticked up in the third quarter compared with the second quarter, suggesting that the three-year decline in home ownership may be starting to bottom out.”

In general, the Honolulu real estate market bottomed last year. Most sellers are getting higher prices today than they were a year ago.